Rock Ice Sand


Stefano Regazzoni first became interested in photography back in 1987. He has gone on to explore various aspects of photography from portrait to nature photography, and from macro-photography to photography for sports and architecture.

It was the latter of these that led him to design a very sophisticated solution for medium formats which was produced and patented in 2001 and has been featured in various photographic periodicals .

He is a keen traveller and his shots are from pretty much everywhere: Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North and South America and the Arctic. He dedicates a great deal of attention to natural landscapes in the most remote and fascinating areas of our planet.

His first book, Deserts, was published in 2002. This book is the end result of his journeys to the most spectacular deserts in the world: the Sahara, Kalahari, Namib as well as the Australian and North American deserts.

In 2004 he went on to produce another two photographic books entitled, Egypt and New Zealand, both of which were published by Edicart.

The geographical characteristics innate in his photography are not to be considered of a documentary nature, but rather a link between the territory and the image in its purest sense.

The emotional dimension to the images doesn’t derive from an unnatural and heightened use of tone and colour, but comes across thanks to a careful search for the right shot and an expert use of light.

Stefano Regazzoni was born in Milano on May 16th, 1966. He is married and lives and works in Milan